Started on October 2, 20238.00am - 05:00pm3 Days

Why is the rescue diver course the favourite Scuba Course for most divers?

 It’s the way to improve your navigation skills, identify and fix minor issues before they become big problems and to be ready for the dive master course.

You will learn also to:

  • Help other divers
  • Use an emergency oxygen kit
  • improve your ability to solve problems under pressure

First part of the course:

Through lessons in the class room and in the pool, you will learn how to identify stress in divers, assisting a panicking diver, surfacing an unconscious diver and how to minimise the risks associated with differing diving conditions.

Second part:

Will be in the different diving sites in Sharm El Sheikh (on boat or in our beach at Savoy) where our Dive Up instructor will:

  • Teach you how to manage the human resources available in the better way.
  • Teach you in-water artificial ventilation techniques.
  • Simulate emergencies.
  • Conduct searches.
  • Teach you how to administer oxygen.

In only 3 days during your vacation in Sharm El Sheikh, you will complete your Rescue Diver Course.


  • PADI Adventure Diver license
  • PADI Emergency First Response license
  • Under Water navigation Dive


  • Equipment rental



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