Disability Diving

Dive UP! are dedicated to making our scuba diving experiences available equally for all divers. Over 15% of the world’s population have a form of disability. We can adapt our packages and centre to enable everyone to have the same amazing experience with us, even with a disability.

We pride ourselves on equality in the Red Sea and cater for divers with disabilities

1st Day Diving 

The first day out on the boat for every level of diver is important to establish the routine. Working out entry and exit techniques, body positioning weight distribution and building that vital channel of communication and trust with your guides. We ensure that the first dives of your holiday are spent on dive sites where you can get to grips with Red Sea diving. 

On the Boat

We offer guided and private guided trips to Ras Mohammed and The Straits of Tiran. Many of our divers are able to comfortably dive with the main dive group depending on the assistance they require both on the surface and under water. Divers who require additional help can take private guides who are in the water on a one to one basis and can cater for more specific needs of individuals to ensure safety, diver confidence and overall enjoyment on the dives.

Several of our boats have wheelchair-accessible saloon areas. Marine toilets are available on the dive deck giving easy access, although they are not all specifically designed for wheelchair access.  Our boat crews have years of extensive experience working with divers who have special needs. They know when to step back, when to assist and most importantly, they pay close attention and listen to what individuals need at the time.

As every disability requires different levels of assistance, a certain amount of planning is required to create the perfect dive trip. To ensure that your specific needs are met, contact us directly to discuss your needs and we will custom build your dive holiday package

PADI courses

We offer a full range of PADI courses. Some of our dive staff are proud members of the Handicapped Scuba Association (HSA), although at present we do not provide courses offered by HSA or other organisations specifically for divers with disabilities.

Our instructors have experience in adapting their teaching techniques to help ensure that student divers with disabilities meet the performance requirements for certification. If you are a wheelchair user, you must be able to get in and out of your wheelchair independently and be able to complete basic diving skills without assistance.

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